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Your specialist for gardening & irrigation in Tenerife

Garden planning and new plants, as well as their continuous care, preservation, renewal, and annual and form cutting.

New installation / planning

New garden installation and planning Tenerife

We plan your dream garden together with you. Planting advice and design such as paths, fountains, ponds, and decoration. Creation of walls and installation of lighting and utility lines.

Care and maintenance

Garden care and maintenance Tenerife

Whether terrace, ornamental garden or pool environment, private house or community, we maintain your garden with a lot of know-how and experience. Whether regularly or for special occasions, we are always there for you.


Garden irrigation Tenerife

We plan and install your partially or fully automatic irrigation system including rain and humidity sensors and weather station, with or without a tank or pump. We also repair, supplement or perfect existing irrigation systems.

Plant protection, fertilization, and analytics

Plant protection, fertilization, and analytics Tenerife

We always have high-quality complete fertilizers for all the different needs of your plants in stock. If required, we have laboratories available for soil and water samples as well as classification of pests and plant diseases. Plant protection also biological.

Palm and tree care

Palm and tree care Tenerife

Our specialization and accreditation as palm and tree keepers as well as special harnesses and hand tools enable us to reach plants that are difficult to access. Through continuous further education and training, we are up to date in maintenance.

Patio design

Patio design Tenerife

With our expert knowledge, we realize the design of your patio including planting, earthworks, sealing of existing plant containers and automatic irrigation. A paradise even in the smallest space.

Ponds and fountains

Ponds and fountains Tenerife

We professionally lay out your pond and beautify your garden with a fountain. Filters, pump, lighting, UVC burners guarantee a carefree pleasure. Clear water, happy fish and exciting plants – at all times.


Garden decoration Tenerife

Decorations made of stone such as chairs and tables or classic or modern statues. Lighting moods and many ideas round off the design.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass Tenerife

We are happy to install natural grass, but artificial turf is a good alternative in some cases such as high loads, lack of water, constant humidity, decorative reasons or water saving. Professionally installed and long-lasting.

Lawnmower robot

Lawnmower robot Tenerife

We are the official service partner of Robomow, the manufacturer of innovative and user-friendly lawnmower robots that will help you and your family mow your lawn.

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    Fertilizer from the organic waste bin
    Did you know that banana peels are an excellent fertilizer for your garden? Roses, in particular, are said to benefit from the ingredients they contain. That is why bananas have always been considered an insider tip for lush flowering rose beds.

  • by Kerstin

    Sauna in the summer
    Saunas are usually considered superfluous during the summer. However, the heat of the summer differs significantly from the heat of the sauna. This means that the sauna can also boost the immune system on hot days.