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Your specialist for swimming pools & wellness in Tenerife

Pool full service

Pool full service Tenerife

The full service delivers what it promises, whether it is a private or public swimming pool. We take care of cleaning, water analysis, delivery and addition of chemicals, technical inspection as well as the compliance with maintenance measures. You can simply enjoy it.

Water analysis

Pool water analysis Tenerife

Quick tester, photometer or laboratory. Depending on the necessity we have the right measuring method. Get to the bottom of the cause of problems through analysis, also microbiological, or better yet, avoid them in advance through routines and controls.


Sauna Tenerife

To round off your own wellness oasis, we build you your own sauna. We have a large selection of indoor and outdoor saunas in form, design, and equipment. Finnish sauna, steam sauna or infrared cabin. We will also deliver your garden house. Build it yourself or we will do it for you.


Whirlpool Tenerife

Whirlpools in every size refine the quality of life. The “SMALLEST” also offers all possibilities on the patio or roof. Even the corner in the garden becomes an oasis.

Measuring and dosing technology

Measuring and dosing technology Tenerife

We install and maintain your water treatment plant with chlorine, bromine, salt water or active oxygen. Repairs or replacement of measuring cells and electrodes can be carried out quickly. Whether private swimming pool or community pool, we have the right professional water care for every purpose and wish.

Salt water systems

Salt water systems Tenerife

We offer electrolysis systems as an alternative to disinfection with liquid chlorine, bromo or active oxygen. This process generates the disinfectant (chlorine gas) directly on site, provided that the water is slightly salted. We would be pleased to advise you.

Pool accessories

Pool accessories Tenerife

Exchange and spare parts, water analysis, counter-current systems, water attractions, showers, skimmers, lighting and heat pumps, filter technology, and measurement and control technology. We have access to a large number of suppliers and brands. Our brand independence is our strength.

Pool renovation

Pool renovation Tenerife

Everything around the pool is professionally maintained and repaired by us. Access ladders and stairs, showers, pool lighting (white or colored), new painting or tiling, new grouting after several years of use, all plastic parts such as inlet nozzles and skimmers or covers of the overflow gutter.

Pool cleaning

Pool cleaning Tenerife

The cleaning of the swimming pool and its surroundings is the basis of a pleasant bathing experience. We also sell different models of cleaning robots and cleaning equipment to help you. Our team will also be happy to visit you and carry out the cleaning routines manually.


Chemistry Tenerife

We have approved swimming pool products in our warehouse. With our water analysis, know-how, measuring and dosing technology, we realize our principle: as little as possible, but as much as necessary.

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