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Drinking water systems and water filters

Drinking Water Systems and Water Filters

Depending on your requirements, we install water treatment systems. Water filters and reverse osmosis systems. Particularly suitable for private households, “No carrying of water every week.” For owner associations, we also supply chlorine dosing systems for the in-house reserve water tank.

Water softening

Water Softening

The water hardness causes problems in many places, on fittings, shower walls, swimming pools, etc. After measuring the water hardness, we will suggest and install solutions – water softening systems – if required.

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    Fertilizer from the organic waste bin
    Did you know that banana peels are an excellent fertilizer for your garden? Roses, in particular, are said to benefit from the ingredients they contain. That is why bananas have always been considered an insider tip for lush flowering rose beds.

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    Sauna in the summer
    Saunas are usually considered superfluous during the summer. However, the heat of the summer differs significantly from the heat of the sauna. This means that the sauna can also boost the immune system on hot days.